Crack Stitching in Sunderland


What is Crack Stitching?

Crack stitching is a repair method used to reinforce cracks in walls. Slots are made in the affected wall (typically in the bed joints) and then metal crack stitching bars are inserted. These high tensile stainless steel bars are then grouted firmly into place, becoming chemically bonded to the joints and connecting the two sides of the crack. This procedure helps to spread the weight of the wall above the crack more evenly and improves the stability of the structure, and the material of the bars is flexible enough to allow for the natural movement of the building.

Why do I need Crack Stitching?

Cracks in buildings are fairly common and can appear for a variety of reasons. There could be a flaw in the structure itself, such as inadequate lateral restraint, or there may be an external problem nearby like encroaching tree roots or a faulty drainage system. Regardless of the cause, cracks can severely compromise the structural integrity of a building, which can lead to instability and further cracks and flaws.

What should I do next?

As with any kind of structural repair, the sooner the cracks are fixed the better. If left for too long the problem will only get worse, and the repair process will be harder, longer, and more expensive. It’s also no good getting a fault repaired without making sure the source of the problem is found and dealt with; if not, the same fault will just develop again.

Take advantage of Wallseal Preservation’s free surveys for customers in Sunderland, and an expert advisor will locate the cause of the cracks and suggest a method of neutralising it. Crack stitching can be carried out quickly and easily, with all signs of work concealed afterwards. Call the professionals at Wallseal Preservation on 0191 552 4743, or email us for more information.