Mould Control In Sunderland


What is mould?

Mould is a variety of fungus, the spores of which can be present almost anywhere. In order to reach the stage of growth you are probably more familiar with, it needs moisture and something to feed off such as wood or plaster.

What causes mould?

Mould thrives in places where it can reach a good source of moisture. If you have any damp problems, these create perfect breeding grounds for mould.

What should I look out for?

  • Mould spores that have germinated are generally visible in either speckles or patches of dark mould growth (commonly referred to as ‘black spot mould’). It is fairly easy to spot in more open areas of the property such as walls and ceilings, or around windows. But mould growth is often found in more inaccessible areas too. It can be found on household furnishings and stored contents such as on the backs of wardrobes and on clothing (although this is more often of a greenish or white appearance).
  • Any strong unusual or ‘musty’ odours.
  • If you or any members of your family have asthma or another respiratory condition, the presence of mould can seriously exacerbate it. Allergic reactions to mould are also common; these include rashes and similar symptoms to hay fever. If you experience unexplained sickness along these lines, it is worth looking into mould control, as prolonged exposure can increase sensitivity.

What should I do next?

You ideally need to limit the moisture levels that allow mould to grow. If the moisture present is a result of broken plumbing or a structural flaw in the building, this should be repaired as soon as possible. To eradicate any remaining mould and prevent future problems by killing off the spores, your building may also need fungicidal treatment. If your environment or lifestyle naturally makes the building very humid, another mould control option is improving ventilation within the property by introducing condensation and mould control measures.

Wallseal Preservation can advise customers on how to implement proven methods of mould control within their homes to reduce and control condensation and mould. To arrange a free survey please call us on 0191 5524743 or email [email protected], and we can arrange for a trained surveyor to visit your property and help you find the best solution for your needs.