Wet Rot Eradication

What is wet rot?

Wet rot is a spreading fungus that feeds on timber in damp environments. It is more common than dry rot, and while perhaps slightly easier to eradicate, it can still cause a lot of problems if not dealt with promptly. It can result in severely decayed timber, structural issues and unsafe conditions.

What causes wet rot?

Wet rot needs a consistent source of water to thrive, so any timber that is subjected to continued damp conditions is at risk. This may be caused by improperly installed pipes and gutters, a leaking roof, overflow from water tanks, or insufficient maintenance of existing plumbing. Sustained damp allows the wet rot to germinate and develop.

What should I look for?

There can be quite a lot of variation in signs of wet rot, but if you notice any of the following, consider contacting a wet rot eradication service for advice:

  • Wood that is discoloured – either pale, bleached areas or darkened places.
  • Spots of black fungus.
  • A damp, musty odour.
  • Wood that feels spongy, or has more ‘give’ to it than normal.
  • A flaking layer of paintwork – if tested with a slim knife, the surface offers little to no resistance.
  • Timber that appears cracked and split.

What should I do?

The first step to combating wet rot is discovering the source of the moisture in order to stop further development, and making sure the affected areas are thoroughly dried and watertight. Once this is dealt with, some timber may need to be replaced or treated with chemical sprays.

For effective and professional wet rot eradication advice and solutions, you can contact Wallseal Preservation, Sunderland on 0191 552 4743 or email us using our contact form. Our surveyors will determine the cause and extent of the outbreak and help you carry out the best course of treatment for your home.